Computer Forensic

From documents that were accessed, deleted or transferred to remote locations, or understanding a computer user’s internet surfing activities, computer forensics can be very revealing. Because of the insight provided by computer forensics, civil litigation often requires the use of a qualified and experienced computer forensics expert witness to assist with understanding the facts related to a computer’s use and activities by the purported computer user.

Computer forensics is often necessary to understand what events recently transpired on a computer. Sometimes computer users will attempt to hide or conceal illicit use of their computer while working on company time. The usage of ossification technologies including encryption and privacy software that is often used by rogue employees as an effort to obscure their inappropriate activities. Most employees leaving their company for a competitor can’t resist the urge to take client data, vendor supplier information, past quotations, employee information and more. This information is often used by the recently departed employee to steal clients, vendors, data models and employees away from their former employer. Intellectual property today often exists in digital form and as such, tons of banker boxes worth of data can be copied in under an hour to a portable USB storage device that can be purchased for under thirty dollars.

We’re on the front lines of computer forensic analysis and litigation support for over two decades. We offer a wide range of forensic services covering all digital devices. We have state-of-the-art labs, as well as a global network of responders, allowing us to perform forensic analysis for virtually any matter, in any environment. GDF has provided expert computer witness testimony in hundreds of cases, and our ability to understand and help mold legal strategies involving ESI (Electronically Stored Information) is unmatched. From criminal cases, civil litigation and patent infringement, to intellectual property theft, in an office, on a disaster site, or the cyber battlefield, GDF is a recognized industry leader.